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Toxic chemicals found in ground water below manufacturing plant

By Jennifer Mayerle for WCCO-TV, Minnesota

Aug 15, 2019

There are new developments surrounding a manufacturing plant that released a cancer-causing chemical into the air for years.

We now know chemicals were found on Water Gremlin‘s property in White Bear Township. Experts found the toxic chemical TCE in shallow ground water and in vapors below the plant. Before, we only knew it had been released into the air.

WCCO-TV has learned lead was also found, along with a new chemical being used — DCE — in the soil, groundwater, surface water, vapors and sediment.

Water Gremlin settled with the state earlier this year, and paid $7 million in fines and corrective action. As part of the settlement, the company had to do a remediation assessment.

To learn more, read "Toxic Chemicals Found In Ground Water, Vapors Below Twin Cities Plant" from WCCO-TV, Minnesota.

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