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What does the new, digital face of systems maintenance look like?

By Gary Forger, for Modern Materials Handling

Jul 15, 2019

“It’s really interesting to hear all about artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and predictive analytics. But let’s face it. All of this is very futuristic. We’re still years away from any of it actually being used in a warehouse or distribution center. My company is certainly nowhere near jumping into this anytime soon. Actually, there’s little need for any of us to rush into it all.”

Fast forward to today. All three of those advanced technologies are already being used in facilities. And, they aren’t one-offs. Perhaps just as notable, all three are key to current platforms that reduce maintenance interruptions to operations.

Predictive analytics is where it is all headed, and it’s worth noting that predictive analytics takes time to build that database needed to identify when something needs maintenance. As a result, says Randy Marble, vice president of software strategy at Daifuku Wynwright, predictive analytics is the least pervasive of the latest maintenance technologies. However, it is a matter of time before it catches up.

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