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The emerging virtual reality for maintenance

By Dan Phillips, Machine Design

Oct 22, 2019

The widespread adoption of predictive maintenance (PdM) technologies is a testament to the early adopters who pioneered their use in industrial applications. These technologies transformed the way we think about maintenance by providing the ability to ascertain the health of an asset without interfering with its operation.

Augmented reality (AR) overlays relevant digital content into the physical world through the lens of smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets, or wearable glasses. In maintenance, digital content overlaid into a worker’s physical world might include real-time machine data, a bill of materials with availability information, animated repair or inspection instructions, and the ability to connect to remote expertise within the enterprise or from third-party suppliers.

It is a tool that, once configured for the application, can quickly make technicians and engineers effective at a variety of maintenance tasks, reducing onboarding time and skills gaps with new hires. This reduces the time to diagnose issues, communicate and schedule corrective actions with other personnel, identify viable spare parts, and perform other tasks.

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