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The efficiency revolution of manufacturing-as-a-service

By Marco Annunziata, for Forbes

May 14, 2019

The advent of 3D printing has kickstarted another powerful transformation: the rise of Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS) platforms.

Netherlands-based 3D Hubs and US-based Xometry spotted the opportunity and developed a new business model that will have a profound effect on the global manufacturing sector. They came to it from different angles.

3D Hubs initially focused on 3D printing, or additive manufacturing. They saw that while some manufacturing companies were still reluctant to invest in 3D printing machines, those that did buy 3D printers were not utilizing them full time. 3D Hubs built a platform to connect the two, and extended its model to traditional manufacturing processes like CNC machining and injection molding, which now account for the better share of their revenues.

Xometry and 3D Hubs built Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered systems that connect buyers and sellers with unprecedented efficiency: a company that needs a certain component can upload the specifications into the web-based system and get an instant quote.

Read the full story, "Manufacturing-As-A-Service Platforms: The New Efficiency Revolution," at www.forbes.com.

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