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Teslas are too reliable for regular maintenance (says Tesla)

By Jay Traugott, for CarBuzz

Mar 28, 2019

Tesla has decided it will no longer recommend scheduled annual maintenance and service plans for its vehicles following a review of fleet-wide data. What’s going on here?

The EV automaker has determined that its vehicles are simply too reliable. It analyzed billions of miles of real-world driving data from its global vehicle fleet and along with internal engineering studies based on vehicle reliability, durability, and safety, Tesla determined there’s simply no need for its customers to bring their vehicles in for regular maintenance. Why waste time when everything is working just fine?

Tesla’s decision does make sense when you consider why owners of internal combustion engined vehicles require annual service; oil changes, general engine check, etc. This does not mean, of course, that Tesla vehicles are not 100 percent problem-free, but rather that they can stay on roads for longer periods of time without anything going wrong.

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