Workforce Development / Skills Gap

Technical college in Kansas is paying relocation and housing costs for students to move to the area

By Ashley A. Smith for Inside Higher Ed

May 13, 2019

When Romar Tallie saw the Wichita Promise Move advertisement on Instagram last year, he thought the program was too good to be true.

The Hattiesburg, Miss., resident read the Promise Move website and learned that WSU Tech in Kansas would pay his tuition, fees and moving expenses to Wichita if he enrolled in one of the college's aviation manufacturing programs. Tallie applied for the scholarship immediately and then encouraged his brother, Robert, and mother, Mardavi Howard, to apply.

The three family members received the scholarship and moved their lives from Mississippi to Kansas.

A work-force shortage in the aviation manufacturing industry was the driver of the technical college's experiment with paying potential students to move from across the country to enroll at the two-year institution.

To learn more, read "Paying for Students to Move" from Inside Higher Ed.

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