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Study: Tesla had 3 times as many OSHA violations as the 10 largest US plants combined

By Rob Stumpf, for The Drive

Mar 14, 2019

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When it comes to building cars in America, most big names have chosen to set up shop in rural states which carry a large presence of automaking production facilities, but not Tesla. Instead, the electric giant set up shop in Fremont, California where it relies on the work of an estimated 15,000 workers and contractors who make building its cars possible.

While the number of active workers may be more than any other manufacturer who produces cars in the US, Tesla has seemingly also discovered that more employees mean more risk to injury that needs to be stymied. In fact, data collected by Forbes shows that Tesla has accumulated more than three times the number of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) violations that its top 10 competitors amassed from 2014-2018.

Tesla manages to rack up more violations than that other 10 entities combined from 2014-2018. Its 54 OSHA violations, as reported by Forbes, have amassed a total of $236,730 in fines, many of which presently in the OSHA database are showing as contested or pending adjudication (meaning that the paid fines, pending fines, and current fines may all be different depending on the outcome of the OSHA settlement post-contest).

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