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Southwest’s pilots union sues Boeing over lost income due to the 737 Max grounding

By Leslie Josephs for CNBC

Oct 08, 2019

Southwest Airlines’ pilots filed a suit against Boeing on Monday, saying the aircraft manufacturer misled the airline’s labor union about the plane, which has been grounded for nearly seven months after two fatal crashes.

The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association said the planes’ grounding cost its pilots more than $100 million in lost income, which it wants Boeing to pay, because the ban forced the Dallas-based airline to cut back on flights. Southwest operates an all-Boeing 737 fleet and had 34 of the new Max planes in its fleet at the time of the grounding and dozens more on the way. Southwest ordered more 737 Max planes than any other U.S. airline.

Global aviation regulators ordered airlines to stop flying the 737 Max after one operated by Ethiopian Airlines crashed on March 10, less than five months after a 737 Max crash in Indonesia. The two crashes killed a total of 346 people.

To learn more, read "Southwest Airlines pilots sue Boeing over 737 Max grounding" from CNBC.

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