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Society of Manufacturing Engineers makes history with all female officers

By Brooklyn Cady, for The Chart

Sep 18, 2019

The Society of Manufacturing Engineering at Missouri Southern was taken by storm last semester as it was led entirely by women officers for the first time in its history.

Female students and faculty are experiencing seeing a male dominated field not only expanding to include women, but green practices as well. Claudia Wilson, advisor of SME, is native from Germany. Wilson came to the United States to complete her master’s degree at Pittsburg State University. She pursued a career after hearing about an opening from her friend and Southern colleague, Dr. Elke Howe.

“Manufacturing Engineering focuses on anyone who is using industrial engineering technology principles,” said Wilson. “IET is a field where our students will go out and look for ways to make existing processes more efficient by cutting out material waste, waste of time, and the use of machines in a wasteful way.”

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