Change Management

Six steps to a successful corporate transformation

By Kweilin Ellingrud for Forbes

Oct 08, 2019

It’s been said many times that only 30% of transformations are successful in achieving their objectives and sustaining impact. Why do so many transformations fail? How can we make them successful? And what can make the changes stick?

Leadership teams often find themselves in a vicious cycle of launching a “transformation” every three to five years. All too often after some initial gains, old habits creep back in, the impact is lost, and the transformation is deemed to have failed—resulting in teams losing faith in future efforts.

Moreover, the label “transformation” is often over- and misused to describe a moderate change or bundle of initiatives. To be a true transformation, the effort must be company-wide, improve performance (both productivity and growth), and boost organizational health.

To learn more, read "Six Keys To Unlock A Successful Corporate Transformation" from Forbes.

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