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Servitization in field service supported by digital transformation

By Ralph Rio, for ARC Advisory Group

Apr 15, 2019

Industrial IoT (IIoT) and analytics enable remote asset health monitoring and predictive maintenance (PdM). Many OEMs are transforming from reacting to a service request after their equipment fails to a proactive repair approach that prevents unplanned downtime, improves reliability, and extends asset longevity.

Remote asset health monitoring with PdM provides warning of an impending failure. The OEM or its service provider typically has an intimate understanding of the equipment. This enables it to develop algorithms for early detection of issues – sometimes up to six months prior to failures. With this advanced notice, the service provider can either alert the end user or schedule repair with its own field service technicians.

IIoT-enabled condition monitoring and predictive maintenance approaches allow manufacturers to consider outsourcing maintenance to the OEM or a specialty service provider (typically the OEM’s local dealer or distributor). Modern equipment often includes software, electronic controls, and science-based intellectual property. These systems require training and skills to maintain and repair. The service provider’s technician has extensive experience with the equipment, which provides a deep understanding of the equipment’s operating performance and failure modes.

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