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Report grades the health of each state's manufacturing industry

By Daniel Hampton for Patch

Aug 05, 2019

A new university study on the health of manufacturing in America gave "A" grades to five states and failing grades to four others. The study, published Wednesday by Ball State University, graded the health of each state's manufacturing industry based on three categories: share of total income earned by manufacturing workers, wage premium paid to manufacturing workers relative to other states and share of manufacturing employment per capita.

The manufacturing industry refers to jobs that produce durable goods for consumers — cars, trucks, smartphones, computers, refrigerators, washing machines — and non-durable goods for consumers, such as clothes and processed foods.

Five states — Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan and South Carolina — earned an "A" grade for manufacturing health in 2019. Four earned "F grades: Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada and New Mexico.

To learn more, read "Manufacturing In America: 5 States Get 'A' Grades, 4 'Fail'" from Patch.

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