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Perspective: Is "perfective maintenance" within reach?

By Mary Sweetman, for Engineers Journal

Mar 14, 2019

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Research by KPMG finds that while many are working towards creating the ‘factory of the future’, most are still experimenting with discrete pilots or trialling point solutions and have yet to start developing their roadmap for integrating Industry 4.0 into their business and operating models.

To win in tomorrow’s competitive environment, KMPG’s analysts believe that manufacturers will need to start “being bolder in their vision, strategies and actions”.

This synched-up approach to maintenance would see the stalwarts of the plant reliability toolkit work together. For example, we know that mechanical wear and corrosion account for about 70 per cent of industrial machine failures – and that, in turn, the majority of mechanical failures can be attributed to poor lubrication practice and failure to properly and proactively analyse lubrication oils.

The smart factory of the future could see lube oil analysis being combined with data from other key condition monitoring tools, such as ultrasonic, thermography, visual and vibrational analysis, and seamlessly analysed to provide an optimised maintenance schedule, maximising plant uptime, availability and lifetime. This has been referred to as perfective maintenance.

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