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[Perspective] It's time to transform society's perception of maintenance

By Ryan Chan, for Forbes

Jul 11, 2019

When most people think of maintenance, they imagine people fixing equipment that’s broken and keeping facilities in working order. The term “maintenance” itself is deceiving, because it leads us to believe the job of maintenance is simply to keep operations running as they are. Because of this perception, maintenance departments are usually seen as cost centers when they should actually be utilized as core business drivers.

Effective maintenance is not simply upholding the status quo. Because technology is evolving so quickly, maintenance processes must continuously become faster, more accurate and more efficient. Engineering and innovating these processes means businesses can use maintenance to grow and scale production. When viewed this way, maintenance is actually about expansion and evolution beyond the status quo.

I believe that if society shifts its preconceived and limiting ideas about maintenance, businesses will follow and we will all benefit. The truth is that maintenance workers have a unique opportunity to improve manufacturing production, quality and safety. It’s quite possible that "maintenance" is now an antiquated term (as it pertains to industry) and should be renamed “improvement.”

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