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Perspective: Introducing the next generation to manufacturing

By Sen. Sherrod Brown for the Record Herald (Washington Court House, OH)

May 30, 2019

Too many people hear the word “manufacturing,” and think about dirty, dusty old jobs, and the outdated, offensive term “rust belt,” that demeans our workers and devalues their work. Ohio factories are innovative and high-tech, not rusty and outdated. These summer manufacturing camps are helping young Ohioans, and their parents, see all that this industry has to offer.

Last summer, one of the camps I visited in Mahoning County focused on alternative energy. Campers got a chance to build a model home out of recycled material and experimented with wind turbines.

Students in Ross County participated in hands-on robotics activities, while girls in Lorain met with mentors in STEM careers. We also hosted camps in the Cleveland area in partnership with My Brother’s Keeper, and we’re expanding that effort to the Toledo area this summer.

My hope is for all of our students to see the many Ohio manufacturing opportunities out there, and to get excited about their futures.

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