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Perspective: How we helped bring Chicago thousands of manufacturing jobs

By Rahm Emanuel, mayor, City of Chicago, for Crain's Chicago Business

Mar 18, 2019

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In 2011, Chicago was buying police cars that were made outside Dallas and CTA rail cars that were built in upstate New York. With all due respect to Dallas and Plattsburgh, we thought Chicagoans could do those jobs just as well—or even better.    
On Feb. 15, 2012, we passed a bid incentive ordinance to give companies that manufacture in Chicago extra points in the procurement process. That policy change alone helped create more than 3,000 new manufacturing jobs in Chicago.
Ford was the first company to win a contract under the new rules. The company has already built 977 new vehicles for the Chicago Police Department, with 108 more to be delivered in the next two months

Chicago is not just using its purchasing power to create manufacturing jobs; we are home to a new collaborative, innovative research and development network at the heart of Midwest manufacturing.

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