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Perspective: Factory jobs are shrinking in the Midwest

By Michael J. Hicks for MarketWatch

Sep 25, 2019

Manufacturing employment across the Midwest is now in decline. The two most manufacturing-intensive states in the nation, Wisconsin and Indiana, both have fewer factory jobs than at this point in 2018. Both Michigan and Ohio are six months into decline, and have fewer jobs than at the end of 2018. Only Illinois experienced factory job growth in 2019, and is up 400 jobs over the start of the year.

These states are ground zero in a trade war that has reduced the demand for steel and autos and led to a crushing, nearly 17% collapse in recreation vehicle sales this year.

Overall employment across the region is more stable. Only Indiana saw total employment down from the same month last year. Wisconsin and Ohio are close behind, with modest job losses since the start of the year. Both Michigan and Illinois are growing slowly over the year.

To learn more, read "Opinion: Factory jobs are again shrinking in industrial Midwestern states" from MarketWatch.

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