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[Perspective] Don't let tariff battles distract from larger war to influence digital trade

By Orit Frenkel, for USA Today

May 13, 2019

What should keep American businesses and politicians up at night has little to do with levies on specific commodities or Chinese products. While Washington is targeting Beijing with tariffs over individual trade grievances, China has been laying the foundation to direct and influence digital trade — the booming engine of global commerce — unopposed, with deep pockets and grand ambitions.

This should be our strategic and diplomatic focus, because what China is doing globally in this sphere has serious economic and national security implications for the United States today and well into the future. For example, when developing countries buy Chinese equipment, they receive the tools to censor and control their internet while leaving their networks vulnerable to Chinese government cybertheft and interference.

Washington can and must act to counter Beijing’s well-funded and deliberate technological march across the planet, and action should begin with a two-pronged approach.

Read the full story, "Real trade war: Trump fixates on tariffs while China pursues global digital domination," at

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