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[Perspective] Do Shell New Energies and Tesla have similar visions?

By Grant Gerke, for Inside EVs

Apr 29, 2019

In 2019, many folks in the media and renewable industry are trying to decipher recent acquisitions made by Shell New Energies, British Petroleum (BP) and other fossil-fuel based companies exploring cleantech technology. Is it a new round of greenwashing (Exxon guilty) by fossil-fuel based companies? Or, are they sincerely trying to find business integration points and a profit model for ten years from now?

Shell New Energies U.S. acquired Greenlots, an electric car charging software and hardware company and Sonnen in 2019. Sonnen is a German-based residential energy storage company and has been highly successful in its home county, and Shell also purchased Texas-based MP2 in 2018. All these acquisitions may provide a preview of how Tesla and Shell could turn electric vehicle charging stations into revenue producing assets with some new energy rules.

This begs the question of whether Shell will apply Sonnen’s energy storage technology in the U.S. and try to lobby for different energy rules in the residential space? The commercial space already has demand charges, but what happens if Tesla and Shell also push for advanced demand charging rules to their benefit. Do both companies want new rules to receive revenue for pushing energy back to the grid?

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