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Perspective: Capgemini Report shows only 14% of smart factory initiatives are successful

By Michael Mandel for Forbes

Nov 14, 2019

As any manufacturer knows, the shift to smart factories and digital manufacturing is essential but not easy. This conclusion is born out by the latest Capgemini survey of 912 manufacturers about their experiences with smart factories. The positive conclusions from the survey and the accompanying research report got a lot of play in media such as CNBC, which ran a headline that said “Smart factories could contribute as much as $2.2 trillion to the global economy, report says.”

True, that number is in the report (though as we see down below, it doesn’t quite mean what it appears to mean). But beneath the headline, the report is full of much more interesting data about the ongoing shift to digital manufacturing.

First, the report notes that only 14% of organizations with smart factory initiatives say “they would characterize their smart factory deployments so far as a success.” That’s not a resounding vote of confidence. Indeed, nearly 60% say their initiatives are “either struggling or that it is too early to comment."

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