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No-deal Brexit could put Toyota's UK plants in jeopardy

By Michael McAleer for The Irish Times

Oct 15, 2019

Toyota has warned a no-deal Brexit, in which a 10 per cent tariff on exports under World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms apply, would put its future UK manufacturing operations in doubt. A senior executive also warned that any prolonged disruption at the ports “would inevitably lead to a production stop, probably within days”.

In a strongly worded warning, Matthew Harrison, executive vice president of sales at Toyota Motor Europe told The Irish Times: “If you have a manufacturing plant that’s sending 95 per cent of its output volume into continental Europe, if you are forced to cope with 10 per cent tariffs, we’re not really in a position to pass that on to an end customer because of the competitiveness of the market. It would be extremely difficult for us to have a competitive, sustainable business operation.”

Toyota has two manufacturing facilities in Britain, a vehicle manufacturing plant in Burnaston, Derbyshire producing the current Corolla hatchback and estate, and an engine plant in Deeside, Wales. The UK manufacturing operation employs over 3,800 workers directly.

To learn more, read "Brexit: Toyota warns its UK plants in jeopardy under no-deal" from The Irish Times.

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