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Mobile training centers help provide workers with high-tech skills

By Ted Slowik for the Chicago Tribune

Oct 30, 2019

Prairie State College in Chicago Heights is preparing to roll out a pair of innovative mobile training centers designed to provide workers with high-tech skills.

The $1.6 million investment will help retain crucial manufacturing jobs in the south suburbs, college officials said.

Creating and keeping good-paying manufacturing jobs helps area residents in many ways. A stronger industrial tax base eases the property tax burden on homeowners and helps fund schools.

Prairie State’s new mobile training centers are housed in two, 53-foot trailers that will be pulled by semi tractor trucks. One contains welding stations, while the other unit is equipped with 3D printers, robotics and computer numerical control, or CNC, machines.

To learn more, read "Slowik: Mobile training centers taking mission to save local manufacturing jobs on the road" from the Chicago Tribune.

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