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Microsoft will continue manufacturing in China

By Corinne Reichert for CNET

Jul 10, 2019

Microsoft has denied that it'll be moving production of its tech products out of China, following a report that the rising US-China trade tensions had spurred the potential move. Last week, the Nikkei Asian Review said Microsoft, along with Amazon, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Sony, Nintendo, Asus and Lenovo, would start manufacturing products in other Asian countries such as Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.

"The reporting from Nikkei Asia Review on Wednesday was inaccurate and does not reflect Microsoft's manufacturing plans in China in any way," a Microsoft spokesperson told CNET in an emailed statement Monday night.

A Lenovo spokesperson last week said it too has no plans to move. In May, Lenovo had announced a $300 million investment in a new smart manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China.

To learn more, read "Microsoft denies it will move production out of China" from CNET.

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