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Michigan Sen. Gary Peters proposes National Institute of Manufacturing

By Dustin Walsh for Crain's Detroit Business

Jun 19, 2019

Michigan Sen. Gary Peters wants the U.S. to reimagine its manufacturing policy. The Democratic congressman plans to introduce a bipartisan bill to create the National Institute of Manufacturing to house the federal government's manufacturing programs under one agency.

"It's really a way to focus the activities at the government level for manufacturing," Peters told Crain's in a phone call following the announcement at the MForesight Manufacturing Summit in Washington, D.C. "There are 58 programs within the federal government, but spread across 11 agencies. Basically, there's no coordination and has led to silos and red tape."

The institute is designed to promote existing federal manufacturing programs and work to develop a national manufacturing policy. A national chief manufacturing officer would be hired to lead the institute, Peters said.

To learn more, read "Sen. Peters to propose National Institute of Manufacturing to bring programs under one agency" from Crain's Detroit Business.

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