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Michigan manufacturing: The birthplace of the assembly line leads a U.S. manufacturing renaissance

By Jim Vinoski for Forbes

Feb 06, 2019

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Manufacturing in Michigan has always been a bellwether for the health of the industrial U.S.

“We have a long history of innovation, craftsmanship, and ingenuity here,” said the MEDC’s Jeff Mason. “Now you get to see the cutting edge in technology, too, even in companies that have been owned by the same families for generations."

The combination of a more diversified industry base and a resurgence of the state’s legacy industrial powerhouses has been a recent boom. “Over the last eight years, we’ve led the nation in manufacturing jobs created,” he added. “Manufacturing is 19% of our state GDP.”He believes the future for Michigan manufacturing looks bright. “We’ve helped lead the transition to Industry 4.0,” said Mason. “We believe pretty strongly that a lot of the needed brainpower and ‘brawnpower’ are here.”

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