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Manufacturing slowdown in Europe could bring down the rest of the econom

By Jeannette Neumann and William Horobin for Bloomberg

Jun 12, 2019

European industry is in trouble and there’s a risk it will infect other parts of the economy, deepening the slowdown that’s already left the region fragile.

Concern is growing in markets and even at the European Central Bank that the services sector won’t be able to withstand a broader manufacturing slump. That would undermine jobs growth and domestic demand, the main pillars propping up confidence in the outlook for the euro-area economy.

Resilience in other areas such as transport and technology has helped to cushion the blow of a manufacturing sector beset by escalating trade tensions, weaker demand in China, and troubles in the car industry.

To learn more, read "Europe Fears Manufacturing Meltdown Will Infect Rest of Economy" from Bloomberg.

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