Change Management

Manufacturers: Don't let your project fall into pilot purgatory

By Anurag Garg for diginomica

Sep 11, 2019

Despite carefully planned digital transformation initiatives, ROI assessments, and technology selection, manufacturers are beginning to grapple with the unfortunate reality — too many projects begin with so much promise yet end up in a suspended state due to challenges such as failed ROI, mismanaged expectations, or scalability concerns. It was McKinsey and Company who coined the term pilot purgatory in a recent report and highlighted that two of every three companies piloting new technologies fall into this static state.

While McKinsey’s article should be an important resource to learn which topics you should align on before you start the pilot, manufacturers should also consider the following four early planning strategies and recommendations. I have compiled this list based on conversations with manufacturing leaders as well as my own experiences piloting and launching transformational business technologies.

To learn more, read "Manufacturers - this is how to escape the perils of pilot purgatory" from diginomica.

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