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Manufacturers are the most vulnerable to insider threats

By Help Net Security

Apr 16, 2019

Almost three quarters of the 650+ international IT professionals Gurucul canvassed said they are vulnerable to insider threats, and ranked user error (39%) and malicious insiders (35%) ahead of account compromise (26%) as their leading concern.

Small enterprises reported being least vulnerable, while manufacturing companies led all sectors for being exceedingly vulnerable. Meanwhile, nearly half of them said they can’t detect insider threats before data has left the organization.

“Insider threats have emerged as the leading concern for companies of all sizes because they are so difficult to detect and have the potential to inflict the greatest damage to an organization,” said Saryu Nayyar, CEO of Gurucul.

“This explains why more than 60% of the companies surveyed are focused on detection and prevention.”

To learn more, read "Manufacturing sector most vulnerable to insider threats" from Help Net Security.

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