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Iowa State University to launch digital manufacturing lab

By Mitchell Schmidt, for The Gazette

Feb 27, 2019

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Alliant Energy and Iowa State University have announced the ISU Digital Manufacturing Lab will open this summer in the ISU Research Park as a setting for manufacturers to explore new business methods and technologies.

ISU’s Center for Industrial Research and Service, or CIRAS, will open the lab thanks in part to grant funding from Alliant. The utility company will provide advice and counsel to businesses, while also collaborating with university faculty and students on research and internships.

An ISU news release notes that Alliant is committing more than $100,000 to the new lab. The utility’s grant represents the largest private gift to CIRAS since the center opened 55 years ago.

The Iowa Economic Development Authority provided funding to purchase equipment and cover remodeling costs.

According to the university release, the lab will be used to help companies explore ways to increase production while maintaining their workforce. Many times, companies face challenges when making proper investments with ever-changing technologies.

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