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How to cut the risk in hiring ex-offenders

By David Sparkman, for IndustryWeek

Jul 08, 2019

As recently as seven years ago employers were so reluctant to hire workers who had criminal backgrounds that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission chose to publish guidance for them on the issue.

“That guidance is moot,” declares Ross I. Molho, an attorney with the law firm of Clingen Callow & McLean (CCM). “When employers call CCM now, they want to have an individualized discussion about candidates with criminal records. Ironically, this is exactly what the EEOC instructed employers to do back in 2012.”

In many cases employers who have hired ex-offenders have experienced positive results, and surveys have found that co-workers and customers hold positive attitudes in this regard. One poll showed that 78% of Americans feel comfortable interacting with workers with a nonviolent criminal record.

Learning the distinctions among different kinds of crimes applicants have committed is important in evaluating their prospects as employees, Molho stresses.

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