Skills Gap

How the skilled labor shortage is affecting plant site selection

By Karen Thuermer for Area Development

Aug 19, 2019

Today’s manufacturing activity is extremely diverse. Projects run the full gamut from biotech and pharmaceutical to environmental tech and food-processing, to traditional industrial supply and those that are utility-related, and more. But despite this diversity, the number-one common denominator to all site selection decisions today is availability of skilled labor.

“It’s not an issue of sheer numbers, but needed skills,” explains Michelle Comerford, project director and Industrial & Supply Chain Practice leader at Biggins Lacy Shapiro & Co. “Manufacturers want to know where they can find the skilled workers that they need to operate or maintain equipment both today and in the future.”

For years, traditional hubs have been attuned to developing workforce needs. But today, nontraditional hubs are also investing in workforce training programs to up their game to meet manufacturer needs. This has increased company location options.

To learn more, read "Front Line: Manufacturers Look to Nontraditional Locations" from Area Development.

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