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How Lockheed Martin is using augmented reality

By Isaac Maw for

Aug 15, 2019

Lockheed Martin is famous for engineering innovation, dating back to the legendary Skunkworks. Today, the defense contractor is making use of innovative augmented reality technology in their manufacturing process and across entire product lifecycles. Lockheed Martin’s AR project began in the Space Systems division, for example in assembly and quality processes for NASA’s Orion Spacecraft, but has been so successful that the company has deployed the Microsoft Hololens hardware and Scope AR software in other divisions, namely Aeronautics, Missiles and Fire Control, and Rotary and Mission Systems. The company may even send Hololens to space on crewed missions to support training and maintenance tasks.

To find out more about what Lockheed Martin is doing with AR, spoke to Shelley Peterson, Principal Investigator for Augmented and Mixed Reality for Lockheed Martin Space Systems, and Scott Montgomerie, co-founder and CEO of Scope AR, the AR software Lockheed Martin is using.

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