Workforce Development

How employee appreciation programs can help you retain top talent

By Matt O’Grady for Supply Chain Management Review

Oct 10, 2019

Here’s what we know. Workplaces can be a stressful place for employees. And because manufacturing and supply chain environments involve precision timelines from sourcing to production to deliverables – their employee stress levels can be even more significant.

One way to reduce strain and stress levels is through organized corporate gratitude which are also called employee appreciation and recognition programs.

When employees feel appreciated, manufacturers and supply chain companies can expect to see attitudes change, turnovers decrease and retention increase. They can also expect morale to go up and absenteeism to go down. When employees feel valued, workplaces see higher productivity and keener focus –both of which are critical components to maintain manufacturing quality controls and smoother supply chain operations.

To learn more, read "Why Employee Appreciation in Manufacturing Matters" from Supply Chain Management Review.

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