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How best-run midsize manufacturers are thinking outside of their product’s box

By Judy Cubiss for Forbes

Nov 20, 2019

Discrete manufacturers are no strangers to change. But lately, even “change” is beginning to feel different. Customers are constantly raising the bar beyond the historical level of “good enough.”

Smaller players are expected to deliver quality products and services on the same global scale as their larger competitors. Meanwhile, new competitors – from garage startups to nontraditional incumbents – are fueling disruption faster as demand for digital tools and experiences continues to grow.

For midsize manufacturing brands, fantastic products that address consumer needs perfectly are not enough of a differentiator – and neither is competing on a superior customer experience alone. According to the IDC InfoBrief, “Becoming a Best-Run Midsize Discrete Manufacturing Company,” the best strategy is to marry both product excellence and the customer experience by fostering a culture of innovation and agile operation that pivots and responds to the speed and direction of market dynamics.

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