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GM workers hope tentative deal will end strike

By Michael Wayland for CNBC

Oct 17, 2019

Despite the lack of pageantry, press and people, UAW members outside of the Detroit plant Tuesday night and Wednesday morning remained resilient and hopeful their union and company could reach a deal to end the union’s longest strike against GM since 1970.

While the union announced a proposed tentative agreement with GM on Wednesday, the strike against the automaker will continue through at least Thursday morning. Local UAW leaders from across the country are gathering in Detroit at 10:30 a.m. ET to vote on the proposed pact and determine whether or not to keep the automaker’s workers on strike during the voting process, which traditionally takes weeks to complete.

The monthlong strike is taking a toll on union members hoping to trade in their picket signs for a paycheck.

To learn more, read "Midnight on the UAW picket line: Weary GM workers hope tentative deal will end strike" from CNBC.

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