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GM strike is seriously affecting other businesses

By Matthew Witkos for ABC12 Michigan

Oct 09, 2019

The United Auto Workers strike at General Motors is now in its fourth week.

It's estimated that nearly 75,000 workers from auto parts suppliers are affected by the strike.

Nexteer Automotive in Saginaw County laid off hundreds of employees not long after the strike began. Now one business nearby that depends on those workers is feeling the pinch.

Blu Note is a popular hangout for Nexteer employees that's right across the street from the Buena Vista Township plant.

"We have no traffic," Blu Note bartender Roselinda Teneyuque said.

"Our business throughout the day. Our lunch and happy hour. They are a big part of that," Blu Note owner Rahmaan Kelly said.

To learn more, read "Restaurant sees drop in revenue after manufacturing workers stopped coming in" from ABC12 Michigan.

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