Industrial Robotics

Ford’s Survival robot is helping assembly-line workers in Spain

By Ronan Glon for Digital Trends

May 13, 2019

Ford is continuously seeking ways to apply the technology it’s developing for cars to areas outside of the automotive industry. Its latest project was creating a self-driving, multi-purpose robot. The robot works daily in the company’s Valencia, Spain, factory.

The robot’s uncanny ability to adapt to its environment earned it the nickname Survival. It avoids obstacles when needed, either by maneuvering around an object in its way, or by stopping until the coast is clear, and it can find an alternate route to its destination if needed.

Ford developed it to perform tasks that are time-consuming, boring, or both. It has 17 slots that allow it to carry material and parts of different weight and sizes. The idea isn’t to replace humans, the company stressed, but to relieve them of mundane tasks. Survival saves 40 work hours daily, which lets assembly-line workers focus on more complex tasks.

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