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Ford, UAW reach tentative contract

By Car and Driver

Nov 04, 2019

Following the United Auto Workers' 40-day strike against General Motors, UAW leaders and the Ford Motor Company have agreed on a new labor deal. The UAW's deal with Ford is similar to the deal the union reached in October with GM, and it still needs to be ratified by UAW workers at Ford. The UAW did not strike at Ford, and in contrast to the tense five-week negotiation period during the strike against GM, the UAW and Ford reached a tentative deal in only three days.

The contract includes more than $6 billion in investments Ford will make in jobs and plants. Ford has nearly 56,000 hourly workers in the United States, and under the new contract, the UAW says, more than 8500 jobs will be created or retained and 19 facilities will get some of that investment money.

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