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Employees with autism have many skills in demand by manufacturing companies

By Adrienne Selko, for IndustryWeek

Jun 06, 2019

Manufacturing companies always figure it out. Whatever “it” is. Whether it’s new ways to produce products, new ways to lessen their environmental impact or new ways to employ talent.

One source of talent that is being tapped are those on the autism spectrum.

According to Integrate Autism Employment Advisors, 85% of college graduates with autism are unemployed. That’s a large pool of people who have specific talents that industry craves. People who are on the autism spectrum are skilled at routinized, focused and detail-oriented work, as well as pattern recognition. They have outstanding technical and math skills.

In addition to these skills, companies are finding that this group of employees often are able to find unique solutions to problems that might have escaped the more conventional workers. In fact SAP and Microsoft, another early-adapter of hiring those on the spectrum, have said that employees with autism show higher rates of productivity, retention and in certain areas outperform their peers.

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