EHS Technology in 2019: 5 Trends Driving Change and 5 Predictions

By Peter Bussey, for LNS Research

Jan 14, 2019

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EHS faces continued pressure to evolve as an integral part of the business that creates and delivers value. Compliance, risk, and sustainability initiatives are only a means to an end. EHS leaders have aligned with organizational transformation initiatives to improve operational excellence, business continuity, and ultimately profitable growth.

A combination of technology, legal, economic, and social forces have placed industrial organizations under greater scrutiny by many stakeholder groups. This drives the need for better processes, effective management systems, in-depth data and insights for decision support, and modern information technology to enable all of these.

Also, only about 15% of digitalization investments have been directed to safety and environmental use cases. This will change dramatically in 2019, as EHS leaders see corporate digitalization efforts unfold, EHS software vendors embed digital technologies such as predictive analytics solutions, and specialist tech vendors offer cost-effective solutions with quick payback, e.g., augmented reality (AR) and intelligent wearables.

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