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Does technology make manufacturing more accessible?

By Chelsea Lombardo for Yahoo Finance

Aug 05, 2019

The United States manufacturing sector has lost a lot of momentum, but one industry advocate claims there’s a lot of untapped potential for growth.

Titan Gilroy, the founder and CEO of manufacturing company Titans of CNC, told Yahoo Finance’s On The Move that picking up manufacturing skills during his time in prison changed his whole life.

Gilroy’s Titans of CNC makes aerospace parts for companies like Boeing and SpaceX and trains about 50,000 online students. Gilroy believes automation is making it easier for people to develop the type of skills needed to enter the field.

“We're going to teach our kids high level stuff, because right now everybody is being trained in a prehistoric way,” Gilroy said. “You can actually make six figures... you can make that type of money without a college education in manufacturing.”

To learn more, read "Technology actually allows everyone to get into manufacturing: industry advocate" from Yahoo Finance.

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