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Desperate for manufacturing workers, Ohio company offers to pay for training

By Fox 8 Cleveland

Jun 12, 2019

“Since 2010, manufacturing has come back very strong, and it’s increasing every year,” said Tim Bleich, president and owner of Vector Technical Inc. in Solon, OH. Vector Technical is a staffing agency that finds and trains people to work for more than 40 local manufacturing companies.

“We actually work with everybody,” said Elaina Muenster, a senior recruiting specialist at Vector Technical Inc. “Men, women, people in school, contract workers, and most recently high school graduates.”

High school graduates like Aminah Abdul-Barr, an 18-year-old who just graduated from Twinsburg High School. Less than a week after graduation, she will be starting her new job as an entry-level machine operator for one of the largest packaging companies in Northeast Ohio. That’s how fast she was able to get a job in manufacturing.

“At first it was my back-up plan but then I looked more into it and thought oh wow, this could be a plan, my real actual plan,” Abdul-Barr said.

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