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DENSO Manufacturing Arkansas celebrates 7M production hours without lost time

By Facility Executive

Sep 06, 2019

Lost time accidents occur when an employee is involved in an accident on the job and is absent from the workplace for at least one day. DENSO’s Osceola, AR facility – DENSO Manufacturing Arkansas, Inc. – saw its last lost time accident in 2013. Since then, it has gone more than 2,240 days without incident, with its nearly 500 employees working around 7.2 million hours. Without a lost time accident, the facility has been able to maximize its productivity while keeping a focus on employee safety over the last five years.

For achieving more than seven million production hours without a lost time accident, DENSO Manufacturing Arkansas is being honored by the Arkansas Department of Labor. On September 5, DENSO Manufacturing Arkansas hosted a celebration of this milestone as part of “Safety Day.”

“Everyone at our facility, from junior employees to members of the management team, has fully supported the culture of safety we’ve worked to establish,” said George Harguess, president of DENSO Manufacturing Arkansas. “That’s why we’re able to maintain a high level of safety awareness during production and adapt our policies as needed to ensure the best working conditions for our employees. Increased safety benefits all at DENSO, and we look forward to continuing this trend in the future.”

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