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Could AI give the U.S. a competitive advantage over China?

By Modern Materials Handling

Oct 09, 2019

Building artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in industrial manufacturing is not only critical for economic transformation but also a stepping stone toward sustainable competitive advantages, according to new research from ABI Research, a global tech market advisory firm.

The research found that despite the nearly equal number of installed bases of AI-enabled end devices in both markets, the United States has an edge over China due to its different incentives and approaches that encourage AI adoption in industrial manufacturing.

In the United States, the ecosystem of AI in industrial applications is growing quickly, the report shows. The expensive labor force has driven the industrial sector to enhance production efficiency and lower operational costs. Currently, cloud service providers, smart manufacturing platform vendors, pure-play industrial AI platform and service providers, edge industrial AI gateway and server vendors, and chipset vendors are partnering with each other to bring AI into industrial manufacturing.

To learn more, read "Manufacturing in the USA vs. China: AI could be the tipping point" from Modern Materials Handling.

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