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Clean energy jobs are on the rise in the Midwest

By Andy Balaskovitz for the Energy News Network

Apr 11, 2019

Michigan, Indiana and Ohio aren’t known for progressive climate change policies, yet the three states rank among the highest in the Midwest for clean energy jobs, according to a new survey.

The fourth annual Clean Energy Jobs Midwest report suggests strong state and federal policies like energy standards or emission-reduction goals are key to driving clean energy job growth. Yet Michigan, Ohio and Indiana — with relatively weak clean energy policies compared to states like Illinois and Minnesota — are in the top four for total number of clean energy jobs.

That’s because industries that traditionally have boosted the Midwest economy — particularly automotive and manufacturing — are now also playing a key role in supporting clean energy growth.

To learn more, read "Auto, manufacturing help drive clean energy job growth in the Midwest" from the Energy News Network.

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