Case study: How Ryder's smart warehouses are keeping up with customer demands

By John Hitch, for Industry Week

Jan 21, 2019

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Supply chain and fleet management expectations are growing as customer become more impatient to get their deliveries. Seeing the need to leverage all the available tech possible, Ryder, a top-down supply chain solution provider, has taken the digital transformation to its operations in Miami, Dallas and Chicago, creating new smart warehouses. These sites will showcase advanced automation, flexible and instantly scalable operations, real-time visibility, and a customer-centric experience.

Ryder's data indicates the disruptive tech has shown real improvements already:

  • Robotics: Deploying robots at one Ryder-managed warehouse produced a 25% increase in productivity and 20% operating savings by cutting employee travel time in the warehouse. This could absorb 30% of a worker's shift.
  • Drones: At a Ryder customer warehouse, drones took 20 minutes to successfully scan pallets and locations, versus a manual scan that took 90 minutes. 
  • Sensors: Identification tools providing real-time asset location and enabling performance management implemented throughout a Ryder facility increased productivity and cost savings more than 25%
  • Wearables: Smart glasses at a customer warehouse decreased picking time by five to seven seconds per item, improving efficiency by 33%.

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