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Boeing: To maintain world fleet, nearly 800,000 new mechanics needed by 2039

By Henry Canaday, for MRO Network

Jul 15, 2019

The 2019 Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook predicts that 769,000 new maintenance technicians will be needed to maintain the world fleet over the next 20 years. The forecast includes the needs of commercial aviation, business aviation and civil helicopters.

The pattern of new mechanic needs varies by region, according to each region’s current traffic and the economic growth expected in the future. For example, North America, whose economy is forecast to grow at 1.9% annually, will need 193,000 new mechanics. Asia-Pacific, growing 3.9% a year, will need 266,000 new mechanics, and Africa will need even more, 27,000 for its predicted 3.4% annual economic growth.

To meet these needs, Boeing argues aviation must adopt innovative training to optimize learning and knowledge retention. Immersive technologies, adaptive learning, schedule flexibility and new teaching methods will be needed. Instructors will also need cross-cultural, cross-generational and multilingual skills to engage tomorrow's workforce.

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