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BMW and Microsoft launch open platform to fast-track manufacturing innovation

By Paul Ridden, for New Atlas

Apr 03, 2019

Noting that complex, proprietary systems can adversely affect productivity and profitability, the partnership announced the Open Manufacturing Platform at the Hannover Messe today. The idea is to set up an open technology framework and cross-industry community to accelerate automotive and manufacturing sector developments.

"Microsoft is joining forces with the BMW Group to transform digital production efficiency across the industry," said Microsoft's Scott Guthrie. "Our commitment to building an open community will create new opportunities for collaboration across the entire manufacturing value chain."

The Open Manufacturing Platform (OMP) is reported compatible with existing Industry 4.0 reference architecture, which focuses on automation and exchange of data in manufacturing. The platform is designed to encourage the sharing of smart factory innovations between companies that sign up to the OMP community, aiming to boost industrial IoT developments, shorten the time taken to deliver innovations and improve production efficiency. The solving of common manufacturing problems will also be looked at, such as machine connectivity and on-site systems integration.

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