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Blog: What’s new at the Hannover Fair? AI and 5G

By Constanze Schmitz, for ARC Advisory Group

Apr 22, 2019

Once again, this year’s Hannover Fair lived up to its reputation as THE event to attend to see where our industry is heading. No other event or conference offers the same combination of presence of industry players and access to C-level executives. So what makes this show so successful? The answer is simple: Hanover is keeping pace with rapid developments and even anticipating the advent of important new technologies.

At the Hannover Fair, we observed that maintenance and quality control are key applications for AI and ML across all industries. Other applications examples we saw included complex machine tooling (Siemens using AI brain from Microsoft and Bonsai) and material handling (Toyota using autonomous forklifts with edge devices computing an AI deep learning neural network).

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