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Augmented reality is transforming the engineering and industrial value chain

By Will Hastings, for ARC Advisory Group

May 28, 2019

Effective augmented reality applications can be straightforward to conceptualize, create, and implement. With modern authoring tools, developers can create immersive AR experiences. Likewise, easy-to-implement remote expert applications can have tremendous impact on maintenance and field service operations. However, these basic applications only represent a small step towards the transformational potential of industrial AR.

We can envision a future in which AR is used to orchestrate the operations of a manufacturing plant. With access to MES, EAM, and other manufacturing software applications, a connected, persona-based AR solution will contextualize and provide relevant information to the workforce on the plant floor. Each operator’s, technician’s, and engineer’s augmented experience will be tailored to fit their role and continuously adjust to complement his or her level of knowledge.

Executing tasks will become harmonized and individuals will be able to focus their decisions on how best to achieve immediate goals. The AR market has reached a tipping point where even incremental changes in hardware technology can enable large expansions of addressable industrial applications.

Read the full story, "Augmented reality transforming engineering and industrial value chain," at www.arcweb.com.



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